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Tradeshow Advantage Logo

March 20, 2015

Logo design for mobile app that captures lead data by┬áscanning a user’s tradeshow badge.

  • tsa-logo-reverse

T.P. Mills Golf Putters

October 26, 2014

A local craftsman sought to expand and refine his father’s legacy with an updated online presence. The custom theme is built in Bootstrap with the ability to send custom orders directly to the putter distributor. There are plans to expand the order form directly into a payment gateway.

  • TPMills-site

Game Seven Logo

October 26, 2014

Logo design for talk show hosts.

  • game-seven-logo
  • game-seven-logo

Betsy Prince Boutique

March 20, 2015

Fully-responsive marketing site for boutique in Birmingham, AL. The client wanted to be able to support and maintain the site after launch, so we opted to use a theme that utilized a shortcode addition.

Visit www.BetsyPrinceBoutique.com for a full demo.

  • Betsy-Prince-site

10 Year Reunion Save-the-Date

November 24, 2014

A new twist on a rather obnoxious event. What better way to catch the attention of your fellow classmates than to make fun of the apparent truth – getting old sucks.

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Languages are fun to me. I love searching for patterns and have a keen eye for detail. I have been coding for over 5 years. My expertise is in HTML5, CSS3, and Javscript.

What am I doing now? Currently, I am learning Russian and Angular.js. I'm also looking for opportunities to expand my GitHub profile.

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